What is dreamwork?

Dreamwork is any method (including talking about dreams, writing about them, or creating art from them) that helps people gain insight, wisdom, and healing from their dreams.

When you have an “Aha!” moment—when you suddenly sense what the dream has been trying to tell you—you know you have found the gold you’ve been mining for.


What is dreamwork good for?

Dreamwork can help you:

  • Improve your ability to remember your dreams
  • Work through nightmares and recurring dreams
  • Understand your dreams and gain wisdom and insight from them
  • Work through creative blocks
  • Gain insight into personal and professional issues
  • Enhance health and healing for the mind and body
  • Explore and enhance your ability to understand and invite lucid and extraordinary dreams.


What can I expect from a session?

You need do nothing special to prepare for a dreamwork session. However, you will benefit most if you come prepared with a dream report (a written record of your dream), and/or any questions or concerns you have about your dreams.

A dreamwork session takes place in person, over the phone, or on Skype and lasts for an hour. The session consists primarily of a safe, structured conversation, in which your practitioner helps you uncover the meanings and messages of your dreams.


Tzivia Gover practices dreamwork online and by phone Wednesdays 4- 7pm, Thursdays 9am- 7pm, and Fridays 9am- 5pm.