Jennifer Gehl, Acutonics Practitioner

Jennifer Gehl, BM, MHS, is a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner and Senior Faculty Member at The Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine.  Synthesizing her Bachelor’s in Music, Master’s in Health Sciences, and extensive background in several energy therapies, including studies in Chinese Medicine, astrology, and yoga, Jennifer integrates her knowledge and experience to inspire new awareness of ancient medicine.  Her book, The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine: Restoring the Cosmic Foundations of Healing, with Marc S. Micozzi, MD, outlines the connection between human health and cosmic science.

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Jennifer Gehl offers Acutonics and Astro-Sound Healing at CLINIC Fridays 3- 9pm and Saturdays 9am- 3pm.