CLINIC Alternative Medicines comprises a diverse collection of talented, committed practitioners, working independently but in community with one another.  We come together to share resources, to help and teach one another, and to have one another as resources to offer to clients.  Please read all about our community of practitioners, and join our community of wellness- seekers!

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  • Abby Beale, CCH RSHom(NA)

    I am a nationally certified classical homeopath who has been studying homeopathy since 2003 and in formal practice since 2013. I am also involved on the Board of the National Center for Homeopathy where I am currently Board President. I became interested in homeopathy over 20 years ago when my nine-month old son had repeated […]
  • Ashley Mader, PhD, LICSW

    Dr. Mader earned both a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and Master’s in Social Work from Widener University in the Greater Philadelphia area.   She leverages her research on older adults sexuality experiences and extensive knowledge in individual therapy, group therapy, and addiction groups to provide focused private and class-size support.  Her efforts in leading and promoting […]
  • Emma Lee, LAc

    Emma graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2009, with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu massage and Chinese herbal formulation. In her undergraduate work she had a concentration in American medical history and botanical medicine, and she spent many years traveling and studying herbal medicine traditions around the U.S. and beyond. […]
  • Heather Welch- Smith, CCH

    For the last 13 years Heather has been dedicated to learning about a wide variety of healing modalities with the desire to bring her clients sound advice and help them obtain their health goals, offering alternatives to traditional western medicine. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2017 with a degree of Business […]
  • Jennifer Nery, LAc

    Owner of CLINIC Alternative Medicines Jennifer Nery graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in September of 2009, with a special emphasis on Chinese medical research.  She began her practice on State Street in Northampton in April of 2010. In November of 2011, she started CLINIC Alternative Medicines, so that she could better serve patients […]
  • Lauren Osborne, LMT

    Lauren Osborne is a gentle soul with a compassionate and nurturing heart. As a recent graduate of The Massage School in Easthampton, MA she is eager to take on new clients and help them on their journey towards healing and rehabilitation of the body. Lauren believes that by fine-tuning every massage and focusing on the […]
  • Mary R. Kolodny, LMHC

    I bring an open mind and heart to the essential work of facilitating healing and personal growth. I believe that client and therapist are co-creators of the therapeutic process, and my goal is to attune to your goals and world-view to identify how best to assist you, wherever you are, with whatever you are facing. […]
  • Shawna Stern, LMT

    Shawna is a massage therapist specializing in relaxation massage, namely Swedish,  trigger point therapy, and cupping therapy. She is a graduate of The Massage School in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Shawna is constantly seeking to fine-tune her skills, awareness and professional growth. Shawna’s goal for every diverse client is to create and sustain change within the body, […]
  • Tzivia Gover, Certified Dream Therapist

    Tzivia Gover, author and Certified Dream Therapist, is the Director of the Institute for Dream Studies, offering live and online courses and certifications in Dream Studies. Tzivia specializes in facilitating self-growth and awareness through dreamwork, writing, and mindfulness. An active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Tzivia has led workshops at […]
  • Victoria Michel, Shamanic Healing Practitioner

    Victoria is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Interdisciplinary Arts & Social Justice Educator, LGBTQ Activist, Poet, and Performance Artist who proudly offers her shamanic healing services as a steward and wisdom keeper trained in the practices of the Andean shamanic tradition. A graduate of the Four Winds Society Healing Light Body School and the Gaia School […]