Renting the Great Room

Rental of the third-floor Great Room includes ordinary cleaning, multiple seating options, and access to a bathroom with a shower.

For CLINIC practitioners and staff or leaseholders:

  • $15 for first hour/ $10 for every contiguous hour after that.
  • Discounts per leased hour are available.  For instance, one hour per week, paid monthly: $60; two contiguous hours per week, paid monthly: $100.

For non-CLINIC users or events:

  • $20 for first hour/ $15 for every contiguous hour after that.

Extra fees:

  • $15 additional per hour after normal business hours (M- F 9am- 9pm, Sa- Su 12- 6pm).
  • Cleaning fees (as needed– none assessed for normal meetings, workshops, or classes where things stay clean).  Please let us know in advance if you expect the room to need cleaning.

Rental conditions:

  • All hours the space is used must be paid for (i.e. including set-up and clean-up).
  • Room must be rented on the hour or half hour.
  • Fees are assessed by the half hour (e.g., if you’re here for 1.25 hours, you’ll pay for 1.5 hours).
  • You are expected to leave the room in the condition in which you found it.
  • Please be considerate of the treatments going on in CLINIC, including in the room adjacent to the Great Room.
  • If you would like to be included in our published calendar and newsletter, please notify us of your event (at and by the 25th of the preceding month.  Your event will be on our website’s ‘events’ page; please provide a title, very short description, and price ASAP for us to add to that.  We can post up to four 8.5”x11” portrait- oriented posters for your event, as well as small flyers clients can grab.
  • Let us know when you schedule the event, if possible, what materials you will need.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: for a one-time event or an event that would happen during two successive weeks, two full weeks’ notice is required to cancel without payment.  For longer-running classes, cancellations must be made 28+ days in advance to accrue no charge; in under 28 days, 25% of the total fee is due; in under 21 days, 50% of the fee; in under 14 days, 100% of the fee. 

More options for leaseholders:

  • For $20/ month, we can include you in our online scheduling, and manage your classes and payments through reception.  This includes online and phone scheduling and payment, use of our merchant account, check-in at the front desk for your attendees, and biweekly accounting and payouts for all your business conducted through CLINIC.