Victoria Michel, Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Covid-19 update: Tory will not be practicing at CLINIC during the pandemic. To inquire about booking a remote shamanic healing session, email, and please indicate in the title of the message “Booking a remote healing session.”

Victoria is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Interdisciplinary Arts & Social Justice Educator, LGBTQ Activist, Poet, and Performance Artist who proudly offers her shamanic healing services as a steward and wisdom keeper trained in the practices of the Andean shamanic tradition.

A graduate of the Four Winds Society Healing Light Body School and the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, Victoria has spent the last ten years exploring the relationship between healing, creative ceremonial performance, activism, racial consciousness, environmental justice, and traditional indigenous healing practice.

She has taught and co-presented interdisciplinary arts, healing, and social justice workshops at numerous venues throughout New England and the greater Northeast area, including multiple educational programs at Mount Holyoke College and Hampshire College. Victoria is deeply honored to walk with and share the medicine of the Andean shamanic healing tradition. Her greatest joy is calling upon this medicine to ignite, empower, and reawaken people’s capacity to step into the center of their most profound embodied selves and source from that beautiful transformational place for the rest of their lives.

Victoria practices shamanic healing at CLINIC Tuesdays 9am- 3pm.