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July 20th, 2020 by

So, I’m sure you’re asking yourself: “Is it safe to come to CLINIC for sessions?”  The answer to that is not entirely straightforward, as are most answers during Covid times.

First, you should know that we will of course be taking all the recommended precautions for social distancing, cleaning, PPE, etc.  We have no doubt that we will be making the space as clean and safe for all our visitors and our practitioners as possible.  Here are our client agreements for safety during the pandemic.

However, any time you’re in an indoor space for an extended period with any other people, there is no perfect safety.

As health care providers, we are trained to evaluate the relative risks of all kinds of medical situations.  We must decide what the safest of a set of potential treatments is; what is worth a little risk for a greater potential result; what kinds of risks are reasonable for a given outcome; when doing something is riskier than doing nothing, and vice versa.  

Seeing clients at CLINIC is a risk, and it is one we have not been taking up to this point, so that is an obstacle to get over for all of us.  However, also risky is allowing ongoing conditions we’ve been treating to deteriorate.  Also risky is allowing many of our clients’ anxiety, uncertainty, stress, and depression to fester and deepen.  Also risky is allowing the relationships we’ve worked so hard to build to disappear into the Covid abyss.

I have been speaking to all of our practitioners, and I know that each one is struggling with the relevant risks (to themselves, to their clients, to the community) of practicing or not practicing.  We practice different modalities with different inherent risks and alternatives.  To a great extent, the inherent nature of our practices is making a difference in whether we feel comfortable reopening or not and how, though there are still different risk assessments and tolerances among our various practitioners, even given a shared understanding of the facts.  This is right and reasonable, and we’re trying to give all our practitioners as much latitude as possible to create the practice here they feel most comfortable with right now.

One of the things I know all of our practitioners are united in believing is that you know yourself better than anyone else does, and that you should feel empowered to make decisions for your own health and wellbeing.  In assessing risks, you know your risk factors, you know the considerations that are relevant to you and your family or ‘pod’, and you have a feel for your own risk tolerance.  You also know what the risks are to you yourself of not getting the therapies you normally get, and at this point in the pandemic, I’m sure you are acutely aware of how that is affecting you.  So, I think everyone’s calculation of safety is personal to them.  Please reflect on the relative risks and benefits, and do the thing that feels right for you.  We would love to see you soon, but we also plan to be here for you later if you feel that waiting is right, on balance.

This newsletter contains the reopening plans for all of our practitioners, below.  Some are starting back now; some don’t feel ready to do so.  I consider all of these practitioners part of our family at CLINIC, whether they’re starting back now or not until there’s a vaccine.  I can’t wait to see you, our clients, and all our practitioners back again together, one bustling, bright day.


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