Andean shamanic healing

Covid-19 update: Tory will return to practice at CLINIC in October.

What is Andean shamanic healing?

Andean shamanic healing is energy healing work conducted by a shamanic practitioner that has trained in the teachings of the Andean medicine wheel and moved through the rites and ceremonies associated with each of the four directions in the Andean medicine tradition.

Informed by these teachings and utilizing a series of different traditional shamanic healing techniques, the shaman works with a client’s luminous energy field to erase heavy energy imprints that can negatively impact the body, mind, and spirit.

To prepare for their work as a shamanic practitioner, a healer will have undergone a series of nine intensive ceremonial rites and initiations associated with the Andean lineage and will have trained in the medicine of the four directions in order to “grow the seeds” of each rite in preparation for their work as stewards of the medicine, as wisdom keepers and healers.

When you step into sacred space with a modern day wisdom keeper trained in this tradition you experience healing in the presence of a person who, literally, walks with the lineage standing at their back. One hand may touch you, but when you are touched you will be held not by one hand but by the profoundly healing and transformative medicine of the entire medicine lineage.

This is incredibly powerful, beautiful, deeply transformative healing work.

With a diverse set of traditional shamanic healing tools, the shaman works with a client’s luminous energy field to erase heavy energy imprints that can negatively impact the body, mind, and spirit.

The tools a shamanic practitioner may use to do this work in the Andean shamanic tradition include an Illumination Process, Soul Retrieval Work, Transference of Energetic Rites, Ancestral Healing Work, Mythic Mapping, Divination, Rites of Passage and/or Death Rites, Energy Extraction, and Space Clearing.

Of all of these practices, the Illumination is most commonly used in each session.  The Illumination is the shaman’s practice of energy medicine as passed down by the Qero people of Peru, the ancestors of the Inkas. It is a practice that has been shared and taught, with the permission of the Qero community, by Alberto Villoldo, PhD., a medical anthropologist who trained with the Native American Medicine people of the Andes and Amazon and then came to the U.S. to share that knowledge through the Four Winds Society, the shamanic school which he founded.

What is Andean shamanic healing good for?

Shamanic healing work removes energetic intrusions, or heavy energies, from the luminous energy field that surrounds a person.  The luminous field holds the template for our health.  Heavy energies can accumulate over the course of a lifetime and interrupt the free flow of energy through the chakras. By clearing and transforming these heavy energies, the luminous field is able to re-pattern the body and soul back to wellness.

What can I expect from a session?  From a series of sessions?

Show up willing to TRUST the process; show up with the intent to actively receive whatever healing you need.  Also ensure that you come to the session “clear” (not under the influence of any substances).

In every session, sacred space is created. The practitioner begins by interviewing the client about the reason for their visit. After discussion, the practitioner will usually have the client lay down and will perform a chakra assessment.  Generally, only one chakra is dealt with in a single session. The client reclines back with the practitioner gently cradling their head.  The practitioner synchronizes their breathing with the client.  The practitioner then works with their mesa (shamanic altar and medicine stones) to open and cleanse the indicated chakra.  The chakra is bathed in pure light and balanced (via the Illumination).

The physical process generally last about half an hour in length, with time before and after for discussion and/or additional ceremonial work.

Dependent on how sensitive you are, you may feel changes in your energy field during the session.  Some people feel the energy shifting.  Others feel just a deep sense of relaxation.  Sometimes the process produces vibration.  Some clients have visual images or memories that may provide insight into the cause of the original imbalance.

Change can come very quickly for some, but it generally expresses itself slowly, with time.  Clients are encouraged to keep a journal.  They may also be encouraged to engage in gentle follow up practices recommended by the shamanic practitioner at the close of the session to assist in creating a new way of integrating the energetic shifts into everyday life. Clients may experience vivid dreams or have sudden insights in the weeks following.  Because it takes time to “clear” the luminous field, consultations or sessions are recommended no more frequently than once a week.

A practitioner of Andean shamanic healing should have undergone thorough classical training in the Andean shamanic healing tradition either directly from a shamanic healer from Peru, or through a school such as the Four Winds Society, which trains practitioners utilizing a traditional framework approved by the Qero shamans themselves.

At CLINIC, Victoria Rosen practices Andean shamanic healing Tuesdays 9am- 3pm.