Are you missing love in your life?

March 2nd, 2018 by

By Theresa Gristanti, Holistic Energy Coach

Do you wonder why you haven’t found that person you enjoy spending time with?  Is your relationship pattern unsatisfying and so familiar you can predict the sequence it will follow?If this sounds like you, there is hope.  Using a combination of unique Emotional Clearing techniques that are far more effective than EFT and relationship coaching, you can find love in a long-term fulfilling relationship.In this unique coaching program you will:

  • Clear emotional blocks to attracting your ideal partner.
  • Understand your unique relational style to better communicate your needs.
  • End chronic relationship patterns that limit or destroy intimacy between you and a partner.
  • Identify and call forth the ideal love relationship that fits you and your personal style.
  • Feel more confident and assured in all relationships.

With over 20 years of training and coaching experience as well as a intuitive talent for understanding relationships and human nature, Theresa Grisanti, MA, CHHC, EEM-AP will help you identify what is holding you back from an ideal, loving relationship and help you to clear any blocks or habits that prevent you from finding the love and intimacy you are longing for.Contact Theresa today for a complimentary breakthrough session at 413-530-0407.


“I mentioned in a treatment with Theresa that I was always having the same experience in relationships– things would look good with someone new, and then just dissipate without warning.  She had done a ‘vortex removal’ treatment on my shoulder before that, and it had stopped me from re-injuring my shoulder.  I joked, ‘Can you do that for my heart?’  She said she’d try, and… two months later I met my partner, who is absolutely magnificent.  I did immediately feel lighter and less anxious around relationship issues.”  ~ Jane

“I was at a point in my life where I wanted to manifest more happiness and abundance for myself and my family but I felt stuck. I would try moving in different directions and taking different actions but nothing really seemed to get things moving. Working with Theresa helped me feel so much clearer about what I wanted and how to go about it. But more, everything just flowed more easily after my work with her. Instead of feeling like I was banging my head against a wall, people and opportunities arrived in my path to help me achieve my goals. For anyone who feels stuck or wants to manifest something in their lives, I highly recommend working with Theresa. Her work brought me greater clarity in my thinking, cleared obstacles from my path, and helped me manifest my most dearly held goals.”  ~ Stacy E.

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