Ashtanga Photojournal: Alicia Hunter

November 13th, 2015 by

Ashtanga Yoga Northampton is making waves. From the recent transition in location to the structural redesign as a yoga collective, AYN is doing some pretty cool things. We’ve highlighted the director Michelle Ryan and now here is Alicia Hunter!  Come take a peek at what’s happening in the Great Room upstairs at CLINIC. This is Saturday mornings with Alicia.

Photos by Caroline Ruderman

Words by Alicia Hunter


Alicia Hunter, LMT. Ashtanga Yoga Instructor. I have a bodywork practice at CLINIC, and more recently I have been teaching Ashtanga here since September 2015. I love the regular routine of Ashtanga for the spiritual practice. It gets the mind out of the body, and it’s amazing how many push-ups I can do now.


Autumn offerings to the Guru Patabi Jois. He started the Ashtanga lineage; his brother began the Iyengar lineage. We honor him in the beginning of every practice with an opening invocation.

yoga at CLINIC

Ashtanga Mysore on Saturday morning at CLINIC. The class is drop in, all levels, everyone is welcome. This is a transition between poses: there’s hop, skips, and jumps in between deep stretches and strength building. Chaturanga keeps that heart rate up! It’s a work out.




adjustments Marichasana C

I love the variations here. The more advanced variations are working right alongside the gentler adaptations. This is what Mysore is all about: adapting the postures to the individual.

Alicia adjustments Tiriang Mukha Eka Pada Paschimattasana

The adjustments in class are done hands on. My massage background helps me get a sense of the person and how deep their body can go in the posture.

Alicia adjustment Janusirsasana A

I love this posture because it really opens up the hip and the low back. We sit so much and the lower back compresses. This is a great counter pose to that everyday action. I can press down on the thigh for the student’s spine to open up and extend. The posture really blossoms. It feels really great.

AYN Inspiration

“Physical sensations — cold and heat, pleasure and pain, are transient. They come and go, so bear them patiently.” Bhagavad Gita. Our news board, the inspiration board, is our way to welcome people to class. The quotes are there to allow people to gaze upon throughout their practice. One might speak to you.


Classes are drop-in, but preregistration is always encouraged. 8 – 10 am, Saturdays at CLINIC. 98 Main Street, third floor. Sign up for class here!

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