CLINIC Acupuncture rates

Single acupuncture sessions

New patient appointment $105 60 minutes

Includes in-depth health history and interview, with individualized diagnosis of your current condition and constitution, and development of a plan to fix immediate problems as well as create long-term wellness. Acupuncture, Shiatsu massage, Chinese herbal evaluation, and/ or adjunctive therapies will be recommended and employed as needed. This session includes a short treatment.

Follow-up appointment $90 60 minutes

This appointment consists of a shorter interview and other diagnostic procedures, followed by a restful and relaxing 25- 40 minute treatment. Acupuncture, Shiatsu massage, Chinese herbal evaluation, and/ or adjunctive therapies will be recommended and employed as needed.

Group acupuncture appointment $30 45 minutes

Acupuncture treatment only in a quiet, comforting group (up to 4 patients at a time) setting. Great for those on a budget, who are hoping to come more frequently, or who like the fellowship of having others around while resting. Currently available at The Pilates Studio in Hadley (104 Russell St, next to the village green) on Monday mornings.

Auricular acupuncture $50 30 minutes

Short and sweet session to reduce anxiety, help sleep, and reduce cravings when quitting smoking or healing during or after trauma. A well-established protocol for trauma and drug withdrawal will be used; you just lay down and relax!

Packages for follow-up acupuncture appointments

Discounts based on time-of-service/ pre-payment and paperwork reduction.

Two sessions in 10 weeks $160 (equivalent to $80 per monthly session)

Four sessions in 10 weeks $280 (equivalent to $70 per biweekly session)

Eight sessions in 10 weeks $480 (equivalent to $60 per weekly session)

Twelve sessions in 10 weeks $600 (equivalent to $50 per weekly+ session)

Purchase your next package while your previous package is still active to receive an additional ‘continuity discount’ of 10%. All packages must be paid for up-front, and must be used within the time frame allotted. Any unused sessions will result in a credit for the amount paid, less the full-priced sessions used. Our computer system will keep track of your account; you can check your status anytime (or make appointments or purchase sessions) from our scheduling software at

Other Chinese medicine options

Shiatsu, cupping, or moxibustion-only appointments $105 55 minutes

These treatment options are usually selected at the discretion of the practitioner.

Chinese herbal evaluations $65 30 minutes

In-depth interview and hands-on diagnosis. Practitioner will recommend an herbal formula specifically for you and your current conditions, with an eye to your long-term wellness. Evaluation cost does not include the price of herbs.

Chronic conditions package $750

For those with chronic conditions (e.g., Lyme, autoimmune disease), as recommended by Jennifer Nery, LAc. Package includes all herbs and monthly acupuncture appointments for four months of treatment.

NOTE: Insurance coverage for acupuncture is still not widespread in Massachusetts. Please check with your insurer if you think you may have coverage. We can provide documentation for insurance reimbursement, but please understand that our packages and other discounts are meant for those who will pay out-of-pocket; if seeking reimbursement, please pay singly for your treatments.

We believe fervently that quality medical care should be available to all, and that more frequent and consistent treatment is the ideal for many patients. We therefore offer pre-paid packages for treatment, which support those trying to reach that ideal. Additionally, gift certificates may also be available through’s Save 30 Store at a discounted rate; please see terms and conditions there. Finally, group acupuncture is a very financially- sensible approach to receiving quality treatment.

Effective 7/1/2018 until further notice; please check for the most current version. Payment may be made with anything but Bitcoin and chickens. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice and no-shows will be charged at the regular session rate.