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Alicia Hunter, LMT, is a massage therapist, yogi, ayurveda therapist, and craniosacral practitioner. She is a woman of many talents, and her passion is her guide. The subtlety of Craniosacral therapy has been drawing her deeper and igniting her creativity like never before. Here is a part of her journey.

Out of Nowhere: A Journey of Self-Improvement

by Alicia Hunter, LMT

Out of nowhere, but like a gentle wave rocking me awake, I come to, realizing I’m in a treatment room on the table.  I don’t really sense my body but feel blissful and serene.  Images from the day and from long ago cross my eyes, some clear, some I can’t make sense of.  A movement from somewhere in my body brings me back to consciousness and just as easily as I am here, I am out again.  When the session is over I feel how my spine has opened up, my head feels clearer, my thoughts clearer, I feel in grounded my body yet light as air.

After a few sessions I begin noticing this feeling of bliss translate out into my life.  First I noticed I was less panicky and thus accomplishing way more.  Then I was aware of how calm and centered I consistently felt, I wasn’t triggered by my daughter’s demands.  I was less worried about things I had no control over and just more accepting. I felt a sense of safety, and support, and in control over my reactions.  Then I began noticing a change in what came my way; good luck started happening and new opportunities that are bringing so much joy and reassurance to the core of who I am.  My world turned upside down and as I, in my body opened, everything around me opened up too!

This month I traveled to Pennsylvania to attend Somato Emotional Release training through the Upledger Institute.   This is the third available certificate course in Craniosacral therapy.  Named Somato Emotional Release, because it completes techniques that open the body.  Specifically the area that is most over looked in many modalities, the avenue of expression, or mouth work.  Once the avenue of expression is open, it becomes easier to release emotions that have been repressed in the body that are holding on to negative patterning.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle touch approach that addresses the nervous system first and foremost.  The rhythm of this system can be felt anywhere on the body, and like the pulse, tells what is going on.  Touch is gently applied to allow the body to decompress areas of tension that are deeper than muscle tissue “knots” or adhesions.  We look for areas of compression within the fascia of the body and the sutures of the cranium, then manipulate to decompress and soften the tissues.  When there is less compression, there is room for more circulation, more healthy flow of fluids to replenish and exchange nutrients.  The results can seem at first subtle, however are extremely profound and lasting.  You can come in for a session to address a specific issue, but more often, it is good to come in open to explore what your body is saying today.  You might have a headache and want work on your head, but your body is calling to work at the knees.  The body knows where it needs help first in order to free up.  It is one marvelous organism that is totally connected.  If you are struggling with pain, ill health or repeated negative patterning, or feel stuck, like you cant get past something, I would recommend coming in for a few sessions and to follow what your body is saying and see what happens.  Often we think we know what we need, and that could be exactly what the issue is.

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