Herbal medicine

Covid-19 update: Jen. and Emma are available for virtual herbal consults for returning clients only at this time. Contact them directly to set up an appointment.

What is Herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine employs plants and other natural substances according to the major healing traditions of the world: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and Western herbalism.  Practitioners of these herbal traditions can recommend lifestyle changes and herbal protocols to best suit the client’s needs.  Herbal medicine consultations treat people from a holistic approach, which means treating you on every level– physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The advantage of the herbal approach is that it treats the core issue of your problem or imbalance to give you profound and long-lasting effects. The treatments can use but are not limited to diet, lifestyle changes, herbal formulas, Qigong, and yoga.

What is Herbal medicine good for?

Herbal Medicine Consultations have been proven to help with:

  • Pain and Discomfort
  • Low energy
  • Stress
  • Sleep issues
  • Virility and Fertility
  • Digestive troubles
  • Food allergies
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Muscular Tension
  • Sinus Troubles
  • Vision problems

What can I expect from my treatment? 

An initial consultation is an in-depth intake that will explore your health history, pulse and tongue diagnosis, and possibly other signs and symptoms, to understand your health.  After making a diagnosis, your practitioner can provide you with lifestyle recommendations and herbal treatments as needed. After each consultation you will leave with lifestyle recommendations and herbal formulas to better improve your health and wellness.

After an initial consultation you may schedule follow-up intakes during which we will reassess your progress, make adjustments to your recommendations, and answer any questions that are coming up for you.

At CLINIC, Emma Lee offers Chinese herbal consultations Mondays 9am- 3pm and Thursday 3- 9pm; Jennifer Nery, LAc offers Chinese herbal consultations Wednesdays at 9am, Sundays at 10:45am or 5pm, or by appointment.