How Reiki Can Help After the Loss of A Pet

January 24th, 2016 by

For many of us, our pets are the least complicated relationship in our lives. They offer us so much love, no questions asked. We often get years of bonding, and those animals are in our hearts and photos as part of the family. The hardest part of this bond can be when our pets pass away.
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Unfortunately, we don’t often allow ourselves time to grieve the way we would if a human family member passed. Monday morning comes, and we go straight to work. The death of a pet allows for a very short public grieving time. The ache of a loss of our animal companion can go on for much longer than we let on.

Reiki can be a powerful support for anyone going through this transition. It allows for a space to “let it out” and let it go. We don’t have to hold on to emotional pain, and a Reiki treatment is a practical way of assisting with this. With a treatment and a simple guided meditation, people can find a way to say goodbye and move past the hardest part.

So if you know a friend who lost animal companion and you want to show your support, thinking about gifting a 60- or 90- minute Reiki treatment with Caroline. Gift certificates are available through CLINIC as well as online booking.

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