How to Make Whey and Beet Kvass

June 28th, 2012 by

By Craig Fear

In my last post I discussed my secret method of cooking when I’m in a rush.  I call it the “whatever, good enough” method.

I use this method in many other aspects of my life.  For example, interior decorating (one of the many reasons I’m not married).

Another area it suits me well is shooting videos for my blogs and You Tube page.

A few weeks ago I did a demonstration for my Get At The Roots class for how to make whey and beet kvass.  I asked my friend to take a video with my iPhone.  The sound is bad, the lighting is not good and the camera angle even worse.

But it’s good enough for you to learn a valuable tool for improving your health, in particular, your digestive health.

Beets help thin our bile so they are particularly hepful for liver and gallbladder issues.

And because beet kvass is fermented that means it’s alive with healthy bacteria.  Fermented foods are great for re-establishing a healthy gut flora that’s easily disturbed by sugar, processed foods, alcohol and drugs like antibiotics.

Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to make.  In fact, you’ll also learn how to make your own cream cheese.  And all it takes is a few minutes.

So if you have chronic digestive issues, try taking a half cup of beet kvass, morning and evening.  Of course, you also have to stop eating sugar and processed foods!  That is most important.   Beet kvass will give your digestive system an extra boost in the process.

OK, here’s how to make whey and beet kvass (be sure to turn the volume UP!):

Here are some additional photos which can help clarify some details on the video:

For the whey, just take some good quality yogurt and strain it, like so for 4-5 hours:

Voila!  They yellow liquid at the bottom is whey.  That’s it.  Put it in a glass jar and store it in the fridge.

To get even more whey and to make a yogurt cheese, tie up the towel or cheese cloth and let additional whey drip out, like so:

Add the whey to your original batch.  What’s left in the cheesecloth is yogurt cheese.  Add some salt and herbs.  Voila! Cream cheese (you’ll never buy store bought cream cheese again).

Now for the beet kvass.

Chop up 2-3 beets like so:

Add about 2 quarts of water, about a ¼ cup whey and a TBSP of sea salt.  Cover and let it sit on the counter for about 3 days, like so:

Voila, beet kvass!

Put it in the fridge where it will continue to ferment.  Many people report that the flavor deepens and becomes more palatable over time.   Personally, I drink mine pretty quickly and never quite get to the point of letting it sit too long so I can’t say I’ve ever noticed a dramatic difference in taste.

And while I don’t love the taste, I don’t hate it.  But I do feel an immediate calming effect when I take it, in particular, after I’ve had a little too much coffee (which is more than I’d like to admit).

Finally,  if you’d like to join a Get At The Roots class, I’m already taking names for the next class which starts this September.

The starting date is still TBA but the class will remain at 6:30pm on Thursday nights.  The class is held at Clinic Alternative Medicines in the beautiful community room that overlooks downtown Northampton.

You can reserve your seat with a $50 deposit, refundable up to two weeks before the class starts.  Call 413-559-7770 to reserve your spot today.

And if you’re not in the western MA area, I have some exciting news!  I will be developing an online Get At The Roots program complete with cooking videos.  If all goes well, it should be ready later this year.

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