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September 30th, 2014 by

By Craig Fear


Hello there!

My name is Craig Fear and I’m the Nutritional Therapist here at CLINIC Alternative Medicines.  Jen (CLINIC’s tour de force owner and acupuncturist) has let me jump in this month to write the monthly newsletter feature.

I’ve been at CLINIC since it opened back in 2011. Perhaps you met me in the first year CLINIC opened? I worked the front desk for a little while. In fact, I probably screwed up your checkout in some way or another. God I was a horrible receptionist.

Or perhaps you took my weight loss program? I taught several 12-week classes for about a year in our beautiful upstairs studio. Now that I was good at. Lots of class members lost weight and enjoyed the weekly classes including the cooking demos.

Now while I still work with folks around weight loss, these days I’m helping more and more clients with chronic digestive issues.

I decided after about a year to stop teaching my weight loss program and I’ve gravitated towards digestive health for a number of reasons.

First, I hate to say this but we are SO image conscious in America. People are waaaaaay too focused on a silly number on a scale and define themselves by it. After a while I realized my passions were not about weight loss but rather what I was teaching in my class for how to lose weight. And the “how” is essentially two things.

Number one:  Eat real food. Now I’m sure you’re saying, “Yes, of course, I know that, now let’s get to number two.”

But before I do that, let me ask you if you consume any of the following things:

Soy milk, whole grain boxed breakfast cereal (even organic brands), skim milk, low-fat yogurt, lean meats (because you’re cutting down on cholesterol and saturated fat), canola oil (which is in almost everything), Smart Balance (not smart at all when you learn how it’s made) or Earth Balance (I promise you this product is not good for the earth).

None of these common so-called “health” foods are real food.

Have I got your attention now?

Number two: Fix your digestion.

In my 12-week weight loss class the first four classes were all about addressing digestive health first. Because once that starts resolving so many other issues start resolving as well.

“All diseases begin in the gut” said Hippocrates some 2000 years ago and that certainly holds true today.

In fact, according to data from the National Institutes of Health, about 50% of all Americans suffer with some form of digestive distress.

Fifty percent! That’s insane.

If you think that statistic is an exaggeration, just look at the “digestive aides” aisle in CVS. The choices are mind boggling. There are hundreds of different products for laxatives, pain relievers, antacids, acid blockers, anti-diarrheal meds, etc.

Even digestive supplements as beneficial as they may be, are often only temporary fixes.

I seriously can’t believe what people pay for these things when simple foods can be so much more effective.

An example. Probiotics are big business today. And while I believe in them and use them with clients, you can get more of them as well as a greater variety of actual nutrients from actual food. They’re called fermented foods.

Another example. People take all sorts of supplements for inflammatory issues today – fish oil, curcumin, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, etc.

But Nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory food can be made for a few bucks right in your own kitchen. Your grandmother probably made it all the time.

And so in the past few years I’ve gravitated more and more to helping others with digestive issues. I not only assess people privately in my office but I also teach them how to bring these real, traditional foods into their life in practical ways.

It’s really what I love to do now.

But there was another reason I stopped teaching my weight loss class.

Marketing it and getting a class together was SO MUCH WORK.

Some classes had 12-15 people which was great and some had two…which was demoralizing.

So in the past year, I developed an online digestive wellness class that anyone can take from anywhere in the world.

I taught it via webinars to a live class this past spring, recorded the material and have adapted it into an online program that allows people to progress through the material at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home.

There are 8 modules that work slowly and systematically to address the root cause of common digestive problems like heartburn, GERD, chronic bloating, IBS and various chronic inflammatory issues.

Included with the modules are lots of recipes, cooking videos, a support forum and lifetime access to the class so you can review material as needed.

And I was SO EXCITED to tell you about it today.

But here’s the thing.

A month ago, when I told Jen that I wanted to do this month’s newsletter, I was CERTAIN my program would be ready by October 1st.

Well, it’s not.


Now the program should be ready by the end of first week of October.  And if I’ve learned anything about dealing with technology what that really means is it should be ready by the second week of October.

But the good news is that I’m close.

In the meantime, here’s what you can do to learn more about the program and to be notified when it’s ready.

I recently wrote a report entitled, “5 Simple Foods (No Cooking Required!) to Improve Your Digestive Health NOW.”

This report will tell you a little more about the foods I use on the program and a little more about my dietary philosophy.  And it will also give you some great practical tips if you’re struggling with digestive issues.

If you download the report you’ll also be notified when the program will be released.  And I’ll be offering a GREAT discount for those that sign up in the first week.

Click here to download the report.

Now if for whatever reason that link doesn’t work for you on your device, you can also head on over to where you can also download it.

Finally, maybe you’re one of the 50% of Americans that doesn’t experience digestive problems. But I KNOW you know someone who does.  Maybe it’s your brother, sister, friend or co-worker.

Forward them this newsletter or send them to and tell them to download the report.

It could be a real eye opener for them and show them that there is hope.  So many people are struggling today and have no idea how powerful a few dietary changes can be.

Lastly, I’m at CLINIC on Tuesdays and Thursdays and if you’re interested in working with me privately, you can schedule a free 30 minute session with me to see if I can help.



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