Joy in Every Moment: Interview with Tzivia Gover

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Tzivia Gover is a writer, a poet, a teacher, and a dream therapist. Her work at CLINIC Alternative Medicines has always been inspiring and influential, and I always look forward to seeing her in person. So, when I heard she had come out with a new book Joy in Every Moment, I was excited to sit down and chat with her about it. Here are her reflections. 

CAROLINE: Hi Tzivia, I’m so happy to sit down with you. I’m loving your new book! It’s so colorful, the artwork is mesmerizing. I don’t see too many books that I can gaze at the cover this long.

TZIVIA: I think you can judge this book by its cover. Joy in Every Moment is a beautiful gift book, illustrated with vibrant artwork. It is truly a delight to hold in your hands, and it makes you happy just to look at the pictures.

C: It’s true! I really love keeping it visible, it makes me want to reach for it.

joy bookT: It’s small enough to keep on your bedside table, or in your backpack or purse. It’s designed so you can dip into it and get quick tips and techniques for bringing more joy and meaning into event the most ordinary moments of our lives—everything from dressing for work in the morning, to visiting the ATM machine, to doing the dishes.

C: That makes a lot of sense. I feel like those are often the moments that I accidentally tune out or get swept away with my thoughts. I would be doing one thing and simultaneously thinking about my endless to-do list. That used to be a mood-crusher and gave me a lot of anxiety.

T: The premise of this book is that joy is available to us anytime and anywhere. The trick is to distinguish between happiness—which is a product of good things happening to us, and Joy—which is based in how we choose to experience our days, no matter what happens.

C: Is it really possible to be happy all the time?

T: You could say Joy is the equivalent of unconditional love. We don’t love our kids only when they’re behaving, we love them even when they’re acting like little monsters. It’s the same with feeling good. We decide that we are going to find the joy in every experience, no matter what.

For example, paying bills can be stressful for a lot of us, so we can set the passwords we use to log onto our bank accounts or credit card accounts that affirm our gratitude for all the wonderful things we can do with our money. For example your pin might be something like Joy247 or Grateful, or some other word we can use as an affirmation.

book insert pageC: I like that! It’s a really cute idea. It’s like inserting consciousness alerts, which sounds a little bit like lucid dreaming. What prompted you to write this book?

T: They say you write a book for one of two reasons: It’s something you know a lot about, or it’s something you want to know a lot about. For me it has been the latter. I had a rough childhood, and I experienced some devastating losses as a young adult. I found myself feeling very depressed, and wondering what the point of going on was. One day I literally told myself I had to find a way to be happy, in spite of everything. I started with what has become my go-to get happy technique: Make a list of 10 Wonderful Things about the day that just passed. I had to start off with tiny things—a beautiful color I saw, or a sweet sound I heard. Little by little I learned to notice the good in the world, and to shift my mind off of the difficult things that happened already and that I couldn’t change.

That’s really beautiful. I can see how finding little moments of joy is a lot easier than this big monolithic idea of “HAPPINESS” which can feel pretty far away at times. I’m excited to try some of these ideas. So where can folks find your book?

T: Joy in Every Moment is available online and it’s also great to go out and buy the book from your independent bookstore. That way you get the added joy of the personal encounter with a really cool bookseller.

C: I’m gonna get this book for my mom.

T: There’s a whole section on how to increase your joy with family members and friends. So, it’s a great book for book groups, meditation circles, or discussion groups.

C: That’s really cool! Thanks again Tzivia!

To purchase this book online, click here. Or, call your local bookseller to get your copy!

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