Lynn Simonds, licensed esthetician

Covid-19 update: Lynn is practicing at CLINIC on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Lynn (white woman with glasses and brown hair) smiles calmly in a garden with sun behind her.

Lynn Simonds is a licensed esthetician with a passion for natural and Ayurvedic skin care.  She graduated from esthetics school in 2012, as the somewhat out of place all-natural girl in a chemical world. She worked in natural skin care sales for over 10 years. She completed the Ayurvedic Head, Face, Foot and Hand massage training at Kripalu in 2019; the Ayurvedic Face Treatment is based on this training.

Lynn completed a Death Doula training with Going with Grace in 2020, is currently in Death School with Deathwives, and training to volunteer with hospice. She is planning to offer end of life services to the community, and offer the Ayurvedic Face Treatment as part of this work for those who are terminally ill and the bereaved. *If you have lost a loved one in the last year, I offer special discounts for those who are grieving, please reach out to me. If you are interested or in need of Death Doula services, including end-of-life planning, home funeral arrangements, caring for your loved one after they have died, or are simply curious as to what exactly a Death Doula does, please contact me.*

She is also a musician, songwriter, and performer. She is one of the songwriters/guitarists for local rock band Ex-Temper, has a solo project called The Third, and sometimes performs for children.

Lynn practices Ayurvedic face treatment at CLINIC on Wednesdays 9am- 3pm and Thursdays 3- 9pm.