Meet the Faces of CLINIC: Alicia Hunter, LMT

October 21st, 2015 by

aliciahunterMeet Alicia Hunter, Clinic’s very own massage therapist. This is a talented woman with a lot of skills. Let’s chat!

Can you tell me what you do? What is your specialty?

I am a bodyworker; I am licensed to perform massage and therapeutic touch.   I really enjoy working with subtle energy in the body through Craniosacral therapy and myofascial.  Ayurvedic principles come into mind in my work in terms of nourishing and supporting the body through the healing process that can be rough and uncomfortable.  I perform many applications of Ayurvedic therapies.  I am studying and teaching Ashtanga yoga and loving the depth and spiritual potential this practice has to offer.  I am working toward assisting my clients in a well-rounded way.  I provide information that produces transformation by opening the eyes, hearts or minds, or providing questions to verify beliefs.

How did you fall into this work? Was there a heart-pumping moment that drew you in?

As a kid I would massage my parents (pound on them) and there was something in it that slowed me down, slowed them down, and it felt really good.  There was a lot of anxiety and stress in my family and this was an anchor for me; it felt balanced.  When I was studying to become a physical therapist (PT), I decided to get my massage license to earn money in the mean time. I did not continue with PT and since then I have studied many alternative modes of healing, ancient and new. I applied them to my own life as an experiment.  My path is narrowing to what my specialties are now, encompassing what feels like a fresh holistic approach to helping clients how to live a balanced joyful life.
How long have you been practicing this technique/modality?

I graduated from Bancroft School of Massage in Jan 2010.  My technique quickly evolved from technical sports massage or sequenced swedish to more energetic and intuitive.  Is part of my own studies I received lots of bodywork from many different skilled practitioners and developed the feel of what different styles and experiences.  I completed workshops in reflexology, cupping, polarity and more recently craniosacral therapy, which feels exciting and really profound.

Apprenticing with Brooksley Williams of Valley Ayurveda strengthened my soul and skill.  Working with the body with the utmost respect and aiding to treat symptoms directly with site specific work or using the treatment as a way of nourishment brought awareness to my heart.  Studying tarot in 2014 gave great trust in energetic forces that stream through us and through all of the same.  Studying astrology, numerology and herbalism and ashtanga yoga have all contributed to my approach with each client and my personal life too.

What do you like most about what you do?

While I’m working, I often find myself in a state of concentration and bliss.  My mind is with the client, listening and focusing on any subtle move they have to share, and I am ready to catch it and assist its relocation.  When I find myself here I have no other thoughts, worries, pains, sensations even.  This to me is meditation.  I am so grateful to be able to channel compassion to be present and able to help my clients and see the transformation in their lives.

What is the strangest/funniest experience you have seen or experienced in this work?

When else do we share an hour together and one of us is asleep?  It’s so funny that a lot of my time is spent with a person who is sleeping!  Hey, I do it too and, I think it’s hilarious.  It’s just part of the process, totally fine, and in session I never give it a thought.

Who/what is the single biggest influence in your work?

God, spirit.  Every session I am communicating with a high power and it is always there.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your industry?

Have fun, be true to yourself, and work with an accountant.

What are you dreams?

Traveling! I see flights and beaches in the future.  I made a deal with my nine year old that we will travel the world to see Cirque de Sole.  I also want to have a balanced and stable practice that supports my community within my family and out to the world.  I believe we are all here to support each other in some way that helps us to step up to the next level of thinking and experiencing.  I dream about how ease and harmony are to flow through my work and my life.

Have you worked with anyone else at CLINIC? Who would you recommend?

I have worked with everyone.  And I can’t recommend just one! Everyone here is amazing and gifted.  There is a healer for everyone here.

What is one thing you do every day for daily self-care?

Eat at least 80% really clean and healthy protein dense foods and veggies.  Put on my mala beads to remind myself of mantra, sometime I chant, sometime I focus my awareness on chanting and it sets a new tone.  Smile at myself before I walk out the door.  Yoga everyday!:)

If you are interested in booking a massage (or a Craniosacral-massage therapy mix–heaven!), contact Alicia at Clinic or book directly here.


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