New Beginnings: New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and Rosh Hashanah

September 15th, 2015 by

What do Rosh Hashanah, a new moon, and a solar eclipse all have in common? A mark of newness. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year; the new moon, the first phase of the moon measures new beginnings of love, adventure, and business; and the eclipse brings new people or events into our lives. It’s happening tonight, this turning of the page, bringing us forward with change.

Early Sunday morning brings the new moon (2:41 am ET). The new moon is a time that represents new beginnings. Newness is exciting!  It is a time for dreaming, a refresh of romance and adventure.  Seeing things with fresh eyes brings us perspective. For those who do a lot of inner work, you have probably been feeling a lot of emotions for the last couple weeks. There is light being shined into our darker tendencies around our day to day lives. It can be hard to look at the stuff that we don’t like, so adapting can be easier than making a full-on change. We might get wrapped up in these feelings as they come to light. However, our “stuff” is surfacing so we can see it clearly.

Adding to tonight’s new moon is a solar eclipse, the first of the pair this month. That’s the wild card. All kinds of unexpected things can happen… Be ready for new people, new opportunities. Some things may be leaving; others are coming in.

The emphasis on the moon cycles really comes to light by the practices of the Jewish New Year. Sundown on Sunday begins Rosh Hashanah.  This is the first of the high holidays where the Book of Judgement is opened. This is a time of examination of our lives, not necessarily of outer judgement but rather holding our lives up to what feels true to our deepest selves. In the tradition, prayer and repentance begins after the judgement. Regardless of what faith or belief system you hold, an expression of forgiveness and gratitude holds true after this time.

So what does this all mean?

A moon, an eclipse, and a holiday. As we follow the timeline, the story starts to unfold. We’re feeling a little murky; some stuff we’ve gotten used to dealing with isn’t working anymore, and we’re feeling feelings. We’re identifying our issues, because what we’ve mentally adjusted ourselves to, doesn’t feel right anymore. The new moon and eclipse happens and then something big comes in or out. The holiday is a reminder of the practice of forgiving ourselves or others and being thankful for lessons as they cross our path.

The trick is to stay in a place of openness. To say, “Ok, I’m ready! Bring it!” And feel ready to explore new possibilities. Everything that feels easy, say thank you. Everything that feels challenging, say thank you. Our feelings, not our thoughts, are our sensors. This is the new chapter. This is the New Year. Get ready!


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