Our World is Changing; it’s time to “Get with the Galactic Program”

June 30th, 2018 by

By Jennifer Gehl, Acutonics practitioner

     Have you been wondering lately what on earth is going on?
Do you have a personal worry that you just can’t shake?
     Are you unable to fall asleep or enjoy a full night of rest when you do?
     Does your physical health suffer from mysterious symptoms, headaches, or greater fatigue than usual?
If any of these questions apply to you, I can help.  Many light-workers are feeling the full weight of Earth changes, and yet do not understand where to go for help.  The Earth is undergoing a deep transformation that stirs up fear if we do not fully understand our cosmic connection.  It isn’t just a matter of “intellectual understanding”…our bodies need to recalibrate and adjust to these changes so that our minds and hearts can relax and heal.
It is time for us to understand not only our connection to the Earth, but also our cosmic connection, and literally “get with the galactic program”!
In my Astro Sound Healing sessions, we look at your unique cosmic signature, current cycles, and health issues, all of which impact your ability to cope with current events.  More importantly, it isn’t just the world and its events that potentially impact you and your health.  YOU can bring greater healing to the world by taking responsibility for your body’s ability to flow with Earth’s transformation.  Your level of peace and trust in what is unfolding greatly impacts the collective world.  The law of reciprocity is not merely religious doctrine…it’s universal!  When you engage in blame and shame toward yourself or any other you are poisoning Earth.  It is that simple.Current Astrology
With the recent Solstice and last month’s moon cycles, the energies brought plenty of opportunities to grow.  Seeing our experience only through the lens of “good” or “bad” inevitably limits our potential.  When we are exposed to higher energies, such as a spiritual attunement or shamanic initiation, it’s always followed by an opportunity to use these newly acquired skills.  This often means being met squarely with our shadow side.  The gift lies in seeing the experience as an opportunity to clean up old patterns and free ourselves from suffering.  Astrological cycles behave in the same way. They activate sensitive areas in our chart to help us blossom into new expression, but sometimes this requires releasing painful memories and/or triggers. New Moons offer new beginnings, yet it is the shadow side of the Moon that faces the Earth. The Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun to Earth, yet also reveals hidden aspects of our psyche that have not yet been dealt with consciously. In everything there is light and shadow. How we respond to these energies is our free will and choice.

Releasing Patterns of Aggression
As the astrological energies from last month continue to unfold, they provide opportunities for us to release old patterns of self-undoing and open to greater wisdom. With the continuation of the Mars-Uranus square and Mars conjunct the South Node, we may feel anger (Mars) regarding the past (South Node). In addition, Uranus rules Aquarius, the sign Mars now occupies, intensifying the face-off. In May, Uranus entered Taurus for the first time in 84 years signifying major change on our planet (read May newsletter). The square between Mars and Uranus in fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus can provoke anger and the most stubborn (fixed) nature. Mars (ego flare-ups and impulsivity) meets Uranus (disruptions and unexpected change). Fixed signs can be unwilling to budge, so this combination creates relentless determination to “have it our way”. Spiritual awareness can mitigate rigidity for those who are open to it. If so, the high side of this square can help us transcend personal wounds and tap into courageous (Mars) and pioneering change and liberation (Uranus). In this case, the fixity of the signs provides determination to finally liberate ourselves (Uranus) from being dominated (Mars) by previous conditions (South Node).

July 27 Eclipse – Unprecedented in Length
Every summer we experience eclipses – that is nothing out of the ordinary.  Eclipses signify major endings and beginnings.  Last summer, the eclipses of July-August 2017 catalyzed my move to Northampton, MA.  However, this month’s eclipse on July 27, is unlike any other we’ve experienced in our century.  Astronomers say that because of the position and alignment of the Earth, Sun, and Moon, this eclipse will last nearly 2 hours, an unprecedented length of time!! If you think what’s happening on our planet is nothing extraordinary, think again.  Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.  Get with the Galactic Program.  Schedule your Astro Sound Healing with Jennifer today.

Astro Sound Healing
Combining astrology with sound healing is a profound and efficient way to align ourselves with the greater cycles as they unfold. It capitalizes on the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, applying planetary frequencies via tuning forks to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, which connect us to our Primordial Essence and Origin.  This healing experience is deeply transformative, attuning us to our infinite nature and inner wisdom, while aligning us with our greater purpose in the collective evolutionary process.  Don’t wait for life to create change from the outside.  Be pro-active, and book your Astro Sound Healing session now with Jennifer Gehl.  Questions? Call (770) 712-6298.

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