Retail at CLINIC

Emotions & Essential Oils $24.00
Energy Medicine by Donna Eden $17.99
Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden $17.99
Healing with Whole Foods $35.00
The Web That Has No Weaver $21.95
Chinese medicine mechanical devices
Dual Jade Roller $26.00
Spiked roller $12.00
Cupping set silicone $42.00
Fire Cup Set $14.00
Fire Cup XL $6.00
Hemostat $6.00
Classical Pearls Chinese herbal formulas
Classical Pearls various formulas $45.00
Garden of One topicals
Garden of One 3rd Eye Free $18.00
Garden of One Colloidal Silver $20.00
Garden of One Grounding Myst $18.00
Garden of One mineral liniment 2oz $11.00
Garden of One mineral liniment 8oz $22.00
Gemstones and gemstone jewelry
Amethyst rock sm $8.00
Bracelet $20.00
Clear quartz lg $120.00
Clear quartz sm $30.00
Earrings $18.00
Fluorite rock $110.00
Necklace $24.00
Pyrite rock $5.00
Golden Lotus Chinese medicine
Arnica Plus balm $15.00
Dong Chong Xia Cao/ Cordyceps tincture $12.00
Lung and Throat/ Lotus Drops (20pk) $7.00
Qing Dai/ Indigo tincture $11.00
Locally hand-made weighted blankets
Weighted blanket 10- 15lb $170.00
Weighted blanket 16- 20lb $175.00
Weighted blanket 21- 30lb $180.00
MediHerb supplements
MediHerb Adrenal Complex 40T $22.50
MediHerb Echinacea Premium 40T $33.00
MediHerb Nervagesic $28.00
MediHerb Withania Complex 40T $32.00
Moxa products
20 stick-on moxa cones $3.00
Moxa Essence Drops $15.00
Moxa stick home treatment kit $10.00
Smokeless moxa stick $1.50
Smoky moxa poles $1.50
Plum Flower herbal patents
An Shen Bu Xin Wan $13.00
Bai Hu Wan $16.50
Ban Xia Hou Po Wan $15.00
Bao He Wan $14.50
Bi Yan Pian (120ct) $12.50
Bi Yan Pian (600ct) $67.00
Bi Yan Qing Du Chong Ji indiv pkts $1.50
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan $15.50
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan 1000pc $62.00
Cang Er Zi Wan $15.00
Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Wan $16.00
Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan $14.00
Curing Pills (30ct) $12.50
Curing Pills (150ct) $53.00
Dao Chi Wan $13.75
Ding Chuan Wan $12.50
Dong Chong XC/ Cordyceps $12.00
Er Chen Wan $14.00
Gan Mai Da Zao Wan (1000ct) $54.00
Gan Mai Da Zao Wan (200ct) $13.75
Gan Mao Ling $19.50
Ge Gen Wan $14.75
Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan $16.50
Gui Zhi Wan $17.00
Huang Lian Jie Du Wan $18.50
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan $13.00
Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan (1000 ct) $58.00
Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan (200 pc) $14.50
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (1000ct) $70.00
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (200ct) $16.50
Liu Jun Zi Wan $13.45
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (1000pc) $66.00
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (200pc) $16.50
Long Dan Xie Gan Wan $14.00
Pe Min Kan Wan $18.00
Ping Wei Wan $16.50
Shao Fu Zhu Yu Wan $16.50
Shen Tong Zhu Yu Wan $17.75
Si Miao Wan $15.50
Si Wu Wan $12.50
Tao Ren Wan $13.50
Tian Ma Gou Teng Wan $15.50
Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan $13.75
Xiao Chai Hu Wan $14.50
Xiao Yao Wan (1000pc) $54.50
Xiao Yao Wan (200pc) $13.75
Xin Yi Wan $13.75
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan $15.50
Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien extra strength (100pc) $18.00
Yu Ping Feng San Wan (1000pc) $64.00
Yu Ping Feng San Wan (200pc) $15.00
Yunnan Baiyao Capsules $30.00
Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan (1000pc) $58.00
Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan (200pc) $12.50
Jennifer Nery, LAc, and Emma Lee, LAc, also offer custom herbal formulas.  Please make an appointment to arrange.
Skin Catering sunblock
Aviator SunSmart Body Lotion 2oz $7.99
Aviator SunSmart Body Lotion 4oz $12.99
Aviator SunSmart Body Lotion 8oz $24.99
Snow Lotus essential oils
Sedate Earth $15.00
Sedate Fire $15.00
Sedate Metal $15.00
Sedate Water $15.00
Sedate Wood $15.00
Tonify Earth $15.00
Tonify Fire $15.00
Tonify Metal $15.00
Tonify Water $15.00
Tonify Wood $15.00
Jatamansi/ Spikenard $22.00
Nail Clear $19.00
Essential Oil Droppers $3.00
Standard Process supplements
Standard Process Catalyn 90T $12.00
Standard Process Hypothalamus PMG $25.00
Standard Process Lactic Acid Yeast $21.00
Standard Process ProSynbiotic $39.00
Standard Process Sesame seed oil $14.50
Standard Process Symplex F 90T $18.00
Standard Process Tuna Omega-3 Oil $23.00
Standard Process Wheat germ oil $9.50
Various topicals
CBD Clinic Severe Pain Cream $55.00
Ching Wan Hung $5.00
Day and Night Oil $24.00
Ormus cream with helichrysum $14.00
Pedango Foot Cream $30.00
Po Sum On massage oil $18.00
Power Strips pain patch $15.00
Stop Itching Tincture $15.50
Super- Power soup mix $13.50
Watermelon Frost $6.00
White Flower oil large $13.00
White Flower Oil small $5.00
Yin Care $20.00
Vaginal Applicator $5.00
Zheng Gu Shui large spray $13.00
Zheng Gu Shui small liquid $7.00
Stock and prices true as of 10/12/18; not guaranteed.