Shawna Stern, LMT

Covid-19 update: Shawna is practicing massage at CLINIC on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Shawna’s pronouns are she/her. She’s been a massage therapist since 2016.

You could say Shawna has always been a comfort seeker.  When she was little, as the youngest of three children, it was a challenge to get her mother to be still with her.  Shawna would stand in the kitchen while her mother worked, hugging her legs or waist.  The sweetest moments were when her mom would finally sit down to watch I Love Lucy reruns with her, rubbing her hair with her long, fancy nails.  

Shawna is in tune with her nervous system and has many methods to ease toward balance.  When she was a child, she would snuggle a beloved blankie (that her child has adorably commandeered).  As she grew up, it was listening and singing to music, and playing team sports. 

Her background in education fulfilled this calling to offer students a safe and comfortable space to be heard and learn about themselves. It’s no shock that her current work as a massage therapist continues to empower folks to be still in a safe and comforting space as they gift themselves a chance to feel their feelings and calm their nervous system.  

The biggest surprise to Shawna during massage therapy school at The Massage School in Easthampton, MA was how helping folks feel better in their bodies helped her discover a new depth of calm and clarity that she had never experienced. The practice of massage hushed her kinetic energy by allowing her to focus on what another person needed. It rooted her in the present moment.

It truly feels like magic to see a client’s entire disposition brighten after a simple massage session. Stringing a few or many of those moments teaches the body and mind that that depth of calm is even possible! Eventually accessing that calm state becomes easier and easier to attain and maintain.

Shawna’s overarching goal in this work is to help people learn how to listen to themselves and what their bodies are telling them. She believes people can discover so much if they learn to be still, calm, and to listen. The body is honest. 

During Shawna’s free time, she *still* loves singing and dancing to music with friends, creating time every day to move in ways that feel good, and noticing the joyously wild moments of living with her three awesome kids, partner, and dog.

To see Shawna’s prices, click here.  Her health history form, to be filled out online before your first appointment, can be found here.  For more information about Shawna and her practice, please visit

Shawna practices relaxation massage at CLINIC Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:30- 9pm.