The Inspiration of Autumn!

October 26th, 2017 by

By Teaj Bechard

As brightly colored leaves adorn the turning trees of autumn, I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me! In the Classical Five – Element Tradition of Chinese Medicine, Autumn is most associated with inspiration – both with the lungs, and from the heavens. On a spiritual level, the lung connects more with Heaven than Earth, and inspiration comes from taking in heavenly chi. It is the lung, not the heart, that sets the rhythm for the body.

Classical Five-Element Acupressure is based on Ancient Chinese Medicine Classics and Nature. It treats the entire person on a body, mind and spirit level. The five elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Autumn is associated with the Metal Element.

Early on in a person’s life, when they develop an imbalance in one of the five elements – water, wood, fire, earth or metal, and on one of the three levels – body, mind or spirit, this imbalanced element becomes the underlying cause of illness. This imbalance is the basis of Classical Five-Element Acupressure.

Since we are each one interconnected whole person, the imbalance at one level will affect the others. An imbalance on the physical level, such as pain, will affect the mind and spirit. Mental worry takes its toll on the body and the spirit, and an imbalance in the spirit affects how the body and mind function.

The movement of spirit in the body is reflected in the movement of breath. As the Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Kahn writes: “The healing power of Christ, the miraculous power of Moses, the charm of Krishna, and the inspiration of the Buddha–all these were attained by breath.”

In the Nei Ching: Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Chinese Medicine, we read: “In ancient times, there were the so-called spiritual men; they mastered the universe, and controlled yin and yang. They breathed the essence of life and were independent in preserving the spirit. Their muscles and flesh remained unchanged.

It is no surprise, since almost every spiritual teacher throughout time has pointed to the breath in some way, and contemporary healers makes use of the breath at some point.  Almost all the ancient languages use the same word for air, wind or breath, as they do for life, vital energy, or spirit; or the animating principle of life. This principle, this spirit of life, is called chi, ki, prana, or energy.

Every breath can be a prayer, an invitation, and a demonstration of our faith, our trust. It can be an expression of forgiveness, gratitude and surrender. Tremendous power is to be gained through combining meditation and breathing.

Each of us must walk his/her own unique path. And that is the empowering aspect of Breath work: no one can do it for you! Yet, we are all breathing the same breath. The breath that is in me now was in you before, will be in the bird flying overhead tomorrow, and was in the dog walking down the street yesterday. It is not just a philosophy. It is a fact in reality! The same atoms and molecules of air, the breath that Jesus breathed, Moses breathed, Buddha breathed, that same breath is flowing into you right now!

Acupressure is a powerful and effective, non invasive, holistic system of healing that addresses both physical and mental/emotional issues, as well as providing an overall greater sense of well being. I create a safe, nonjudgmental and nurturing environment where I offer clear possibilities to support you on your journey to greater health and wellness.


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